Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't blow it!

(T)he Democrats now look like the natural party of government. Bush had already established a reputation for being unable to get anything right in the actual business of governing; all that was supposedly left was political prowess, and now that’s gone too. And even the news media have, I think, begun to notice that we aren’t the “center-right” country of fantasy, we’re a diverse nation, ethnically and otherwise, in which a lot of liberal ideas have become perfectly mainstream.

Still, hubris and all that: this newly effective coalition could be shattered if taken for granted. And you know what could really produce the kind of dispirited base that was supposed to doom Obama in 2012? A sellout on key Democratic values as part of a Grand Bargain. If, say, Obama raises the retirement age in return for vague promises on revenue (promises that would be betrayed at the first opportunity); if he appoints a deficit scold to a major economic post; it could all fall apart.

1 comment:

  1. Boy, you couldn't be mire right!
    In fact, I believe that if Obama performs in the same manner as he did in his first term that there will be a revolt.
    Americans are so sick of being lied to and used as pawns in the manipulations of games of the corporate owners that a further surrendering of liberties and destruction of the safety net for the common people will turn the American people against the government and then they will impose martial law across the greatest country in the world and then it Mad Max!
    Be ready if you can!