Thursday, April 7, 2011

Phony inflation hysterics...and ice-skating in Hell today

Yes, apparently it's frozen over Down Under, as I'm agreeing with The National Review.

Senior Editor Ramesh Ponnuru has written something sensible on the false inflation fears that are being paraded in many circles as opposition to the "quantitative easing" policy of the Fed to get more money moving in a lagging economy:

Talking back to the Banksters - Keep the Cap on Debit Card Fees!

Spot from American Family Voices

Simon Johnson has the story in today's NYT on grassroots efforts to push back against the Banksters' lobbying operation to water down Dodd-Frank financial reform:
As a lobbying group, the largest American banks have been dominant throughout the latest boom-bust-bailout cycle – capturing the hearts and minds of the Bush and Obama administrations, as well as the support of most elected representatives on Capitol Hill.

Their reign, however, is being seriously challenged – finally – by an alliance of retailers, big and small, on whose behalf a variety of ads are now running, including on television (such as this one, by Americans for Job Security), the Web (such as the one above, by American Family Voices) and a powerful radio spot directly attacking the too-big–to-fail banks.

The Common Sense Guide to the Great Deficit Debate - Part 6

The 6th segment of our "Common Sense" deficit primer is up today at Winning Progressive, HERE. This part focuses on solutions moving forward.  Thanks to the folks at Winning Progressive for their great work and for helping to make the "primer" more accessible and available.