Monday, July 2, 2012

The ACA "tax" and the insanity of contemporary "conservatism"

The professional Right truly don't have a clue, will say anything no matter how absurd, "can't handle the truth" and are totally in the grip of their unhinged resentments and hate-mongering:

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  1. Overstating the tax implications of a Democratic policy is pretty much a standard play for Republicans. I wouldn't begrudge them a little loose accounting, but this "biggest tax hike in history" is beyond absurd. To say it is the biggest tax hike ever, even outside of US history, is the kind of statement that you know is false without even knowing the details. Bigger than the tax hike during WWII? Bigger than the tax hikes during the Hundred Years War? Bigger then the largest tax hike during the Roman Empire? How big were those tax hikes? Who knows. I have no idea, and I seriously doubt Sean Hannity does either, but there he is making this ridiculous assertion. It's like a talking point for little children. I think they may be starting to jump the shark with that level of patronizing. The average Tea Party activist may be that stupid, but that is swinging too low for the majority of the electorate.