Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Lies and Inconvenient Truths

We hear this all the time: "President Obama is a big spender." Or, from the growing Krazy Korner of the GOP (which includes the rhetoric of every one of their current Presidential aspirants), some sort of "socialist" who is enmeshed in a European-style Big Government pattern that takes us far afield from the fiscal restraint of...say...that all-purpose conservative icon, St. Ronald Reagan (The Imagined.)

Here's a graph from Mark Thoma that shows growth in real government spending per capita under Presidents from Nixon to Obama (annualized.)

So the only President in recent history who has shown more fiscal restraint than President Obama is...Bill Clinton?  The GOP partisans - up to and including the "moderate" Willard M. Romney - need to stop following those FOX News crazy-talk scripts and cut out the lying.

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