Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GOP Pols: "A government shutdown for thee - but not for me!"

 "Shared sacrifice!"
Rep. Paul Ryan*, our current poster boy for GOP wing-nuttery, whoppers and wackiness, is on record as stating that the looming government shutdown by Congresss "sounds worse than it probably is." But...uh...Congressman, for starters  government workers will go without paychecks and that's tough for them and their families.  Right?

Well, that's sort of true. Despite the shutdown, which cuts off funds to most federal operations, at least one group of government workers will still be getting paid.  Guess who?  The answer is HERE.  (Hint: Paul Ryan is one of them.)

* Note: Today is our fun-filled "Ryanathon," so there'll be no commentary here that doesn't include his name.  I promise to come up with something tomorrow morning that doesn't necessitate another picture of the congressman's vacant stare.

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