Sunday, August 31, 2014

Has the "Obamacare" Scare turned a corner?

Republican ads denouncing health reform have been dwindling month by month. 
The reason is fairly obvious, although it’s not considered nice to state it bluntly: the attack on Obamacare depended almost entirely on lies, and those lies are becoming unsustainable now that the law is actually working. 
No, there aren’t any death panels; no, huge numbers of Americans aren’t losing coverage
or finding their health costs soaring; no, jobs aren’t being killed in vast numbers. A few relatively affluent, healthy people are paying more for coverage; a few high-income taxpayers are paying more in taxes; a much larger number of Americans are getting coverage that was previously unavailable and/or unaffordable; and most people are seeing no difference at all, except that they no longer have to fear what happens if they lose their current coverage. 
In other words, reform is working more or less the way it was supposed to (except for the Medicaid expansion in non-cooperating states). 
Many of us argued all along that the right’s chance to kill reform would vanish once the program was actually in place; the horror stories only worked as long as the truth wasn’t visible. And that’s what seems to be happening.
It does look like swing-state Democrats are more willing to take on the cruel, but unfortunately, not unusual GOP governors who are refusing Medicaid expansion and denying millions of the working poor health insurance.

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