Monday, March 21, 2011

Re: Conservative Economists Parroting Ridiculous "Dead Ideas" of Right-Wing Ideologues

One of the most impressive accomplishments of the modern right is its ability to generate plausible technical papers to justify conservative tropes that are basically ridiculous.

A Conservative Who Got Wisconsin's Governor Walker

This is an interesting anecdote, as presented by Thom Hartmann 
(Via a commenter at Crooks & Liars.) We can only hope that more of these
folks wake up and begin to understand their interests don't lie in bed with
the Koch brothers and the extreme ideologues who dominate the GOP. 

Will Democrats hold the line on Social Security?

It's not looking great at this point. This is a critical battle, but some Democrats appear willing to let the GOP hold Social Security hostage in budget negotiations, despite the fact that the issue has nothing to do with reducing current deficits.       From today's Wall Street Journal:
Democrats have broken ranks over a move to consider Social Security changes—including possibly raising the retirement age—to ensure its long-term fiscal health in combination with an effort to reach a deficit-reduction package.

The War on Elizabeth Warren

Krugman explains the attacks by the Wall Street Journal and Congressional Republicans on consumer advocate Warren:

(T)he real purpose of the attack on Ms. Warren was to ensure that neither she nor anyone with similar views ends up actually protecting consumers...For people like Ms. Warren — people who warned that we were heading for a debt crisis before it happened — threaten, by their very existence, attempts by conservatives to sustain their antiregulation dogma. Such people must therefore be demonized, using whatever tools are at hand.