Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Helping the Poor is Now Apparently Anti-Bible"

Kevin Drum @ Mother Jones questions the priorities of best-selling gasbag Rev. Rick, as the Purpose Driven One bats down a ridiculous straw man while not-so-faintly echoing a GOP talking point:
"Dogs? Yes, but no Jews!"
Rick Warren — he of Saddleback megachurch and Purpose Driven Life fame — is in the news again. He was on ABC's This Week...and Jake Tapper asked him what he thought about President Obama's suggestion that God tells us to care for those less fortunate than ourselves:
Well certainly the Bible says we are to care about the poor....But there's a fundamental question on the meaning of "fairness." Does fairness mean everybody makes the same amount of money? Or does fairness mean everybody gets the opportunity to make the same amount of money? I do not believe in wealth redistribution, I believe in wealth creation.
The only way to get people out of poverty is J-O-B-S. Create jobs. To create wealth, not to subsidize wealth. When you subsidize people, you create the dependency. You — you rob them of dignity.