Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Governor Good-Hair flushes out the Fed for traitors & threatens to rough 'em up if they tread into Texas

Rick Perry sees treachery and treason coming from the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke...and, by implication,  conservative economics guru Milton Friedman. A sign of the times in a Republican party where conservatism has been almost wholly supplanted by rabid reaction. The God 'n Guns Governor suggests a pretty ugly "Texas welcome" is in order for Chairman Ben.

Milton Friedman can kiss gun-totin' Guv's butt!
Ezra Klein has it at WaPo "WonkBook":
What potential policy maneuver is a major presidential candidate calling "almost treasonous"? Is it a) going to war without explicit authorization from Congress, b) doing nothing about the 15 million unemployed even as their temporary joblessness hardens into a structural disadvantage, or c) purchasing long-term Treasury debt in order to push interest rates down?

Jobs and infrastructure investment - Common Sense (and Space Aliens)

With a long, slightly dorky introduction that involves the unifying potential of space aliens(!), Rachel Maddow highlights the political and practical importance of focusing on jobs and rebuilding infrastructure - with comments from Paul Krugman, President Obama and an excellent, down-to-earth discussion with former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

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