Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The perils of ontological insecurity...

What are the four primary characteristics most associated with those Americans sympathetic to the Tea Party?
"Authoritarianism, ontological insecurity (fear of change), libertarianism and nativism." 
So says one of the many findings in a study presented to the American Sociological Association on Monday.

Who knew?

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Looking Backward: Report Card on the Bush Tax Cuts

"I think clearly the evidence...uh, well..."
The extension of Bush-era tax cuts is still a centerpiece of GOP economic dogma around job creation and economic growth. Having been eneacted a decade ago, is there any empirical evidence that they worked?

Think Progress has posted a telling video of Tea Party-backed, first-term GOP Congressman Randy Hultgren at a town-hall being asked point blank by a constituent for evidence that the Bush tax cuts created jobs. He couldn't answer the question, stumbling over a non-response. Hultgren had good reason to stumble and evade the question.  There is no evidence that shows the tax cuts drove job creation.