Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The vicious cycle

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich:
We’re in a vicious cycle in which lower wages and net job losses and high debt are causing consumers to cut their spending — which is causing businesses to cut back on hiring and reduce pay. There’s no way out of this morass without bold leadership from Washington to rekindle consumer demand.

If the Democrats remain silent, the vacuum will be filled by the Republican snake oil of federal spending cuts and cut taxes on big corporations and the wealthy. Democrats — starting with the President — must have the courage and conviction to tell the nation the recovery is stalling, and what must be done.

In which I agree with a guy who says what he should have been saying when it really mattered...

Larry Summers at Financial Times:

Econ-advisor-in-chief in 2009 -"Sssshhhh!"
(W)e should recognize that it is a false economy to defer infrastructure maintenance and replacement, and take advantage of a moment when 10 year interest rates are below 3 per cent and construction unemployment approaches 20 per cent to expand infrastructure investment...

We averted Depression in 2008/2009 by acting decisively. Now we can avert a lost decade by recognising economic reality.